“Let’s put FSD back on the path to success”

Anthony Durkacz, Founder and Shareholder
Zeeshan Saeed, Founder and Shareholder

Change is Needed Now

Dr. Raza Bokhari, FSD’s Chief Executive Officer, and his hand picked board members have:

  • failed to address the dramatic loss of shareholder value, with the Company’s shares trading over 97% lower than when Dr. Bokhari was appointed Interim Chief Executive Officer;
  • massively diluted shareholder interests by issuing almost 16 million shares at low prices, increasing the number outstanding by over 83% in just seven weeks;
  • awarded over $5.7 million of bonus share compensation to Dr. Bokhari in February 2021 for services yet to be provided and close to $1 million in shares and/or cash to the other directors (Stephen Buyer, Robert Ciaruffoli, James Datin, Gerald Goldberg and Larry Kaiser), the latter amount being almost twice the previous year’s compensation;
  • caused FSD to reimburse Dr. Bokhari’s privately owned and controlled company for over $1.4 million of expenses in 2020, with limited transparency or explanation;
  • failed to effectively implement the Company’s business plan to become a pharmaceutical and biotechnology company, having to date failed to meet any of their modest stated goals; and
  • denied shareholders any say on the change of the Company’s strategic focus, failing to hold a shareholders’ meeting in 2020 and seeking to delay holding a meeting in 2021.

Back to Success

If elected at the upcoming shareholder meeting on May 14, 2021, our nominees hope to restore FSD by:

  • acquiring biotechnology assets focused on legal medical cannabis and/or legal psychedelics to increase the Company’s drug development pipeline and reduce reliance on a single compound;
  • auditing the Company’s current Phase 2 clinical trial to determine its current viability and better understand the risks and costs so that appropriate budgets can be created and followed and to determine whether it should be continued;
  • implementing a strong financial and corporate governance framework so that directors and management are restricted in granting compensation to themselves at levels higher than industry standards;
  • implementing audits of prior compensation and expenses incurred by the Company; and
  • developing a robust investor relations function to better communicate FSD’s value to the investment community.

Our Nominees

Anthony Durkacz

Anthony Durkacz

Zeeshan Saeed

Zeeshan Saeed

Nitin Kaushal

Nitin Kaushal

Larry Latowsky

Lawrence (Larry) Latowsky

Fernando Cugliari

Fernando Cugliari

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When and where is the meeting?

The Ontario Superior Court of Justice (Commercial List) has ordered the Company to accelerate the date of its previously called shareholders’ meeting. The meeting will now be held on May 14, 2021

Am I eligible to vote?

All shareholders that hold shares as of the close of business on April 14, 2021 (the record date) are eligible to vote.

How do I vote?

After the April 14, 2021 record date, RestoreFSD will send you an information circular and a form of proxy (or voting instruction form) that can be used to vote your shares.


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